Here's a comprehensive look at my favorite finish techniques:

SUMMARY:  To see a description and summary of all the techniques, check out the post, Show and Tell at FPC Luncheon.

DRIFTWOOD FINISH:  I would describe this as an updated white-wash technique achieving the look of driftwood.

OLD-FASHIONED MILK PAINT:  Here's a list of projects where I used old fashioned milk paint.

FIDDES SUPREME WAX:  I use this wax on many of my projects.  I'll admit there's a slight bit of a learning curve if you are using this over paint but I'm addicted and so are many of my "junkin' friends" who have figured it out....we call it "secret sauce" I guess the secret is out!  It is a wax, so it does repel water but it also absorbs into your project and if left outdoors will need to be re-applied more frequently than if your project lives indoors. 

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