Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sometimes You Find Something Dreamy

My intention with this blog was to create a sort of journal of projects I've done over the years.  I wasn't always good about taking pictures and looking back I'm surprised by the volume I've produced over the years.

I found a photo of this sweet little antique bed dated April 2007.  I don't remember where this bed came from....I'm guessing a garage sale.

When I find something in good condition I can't bring myself to alter it.

For an easy pick-me-up, I use a product from right here in Paso Robles called Howard's Restore-A-Finish.  It's an oil that comes in a can like a teak oil.  It's available in colors depending on wood type.  You simply apply with a soft lint free cloth and it will beautify the existing finish making minor scratches and watermarks disappear.

In addition to junking, reinventing, refurbishing.... I also love to sew home decor items.

I wanted to play with the scale of this small bed by foregoing the usual bedskirt and duvet cover and instead make a coverlet with a long ruffle.  I love texture and tend to use a lot of burlap....it's inexpensive and I love the natural color.   I've paired the burlap with a soft floral linen and repeated the long burlap ruffle on the back pillow.    Using burlap as a home decor fabric has become quite popular in the last few years and can be found in a variety of fabric widths and colors.

Tip:  If you plan to use burlap for soft furnishings like bedding or pillows, you can wash the fabric and throw it in the dryer with lots of fabric softener sheets to soften and age the fabric.  I use hot water to get it to shrink up a bit  and do this several times before sewing my project.  Make sure to empty the lint trap often during each drying cycle....you'll be amazed at the amount of lint.

Depending on volume of fabric, it's a good idea to cut the yardage into manageable pieces for washing and drying.  Just be sure to cut them larger than you need for your project because there will definitely be fraying on the unfinished edges.

I do not recommend washing burlap for window treatments.  Window treatments look better with a bit of structure.  Washing and drying will remove that structure.  It is also difficult to wash and dry that volume of fabric without ending up with wrinkles that are extremely difficult to remove completely.

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