Thursday, August 2, 2012

Happy Accident...Plan B for a Shutter Project Gone Haywire

 Once upon a time, there was a perfectly good wooden shutter.

I decided to give it one of my multi-layered distressed finishes.

After several layers of paint and crackle, I was doing a little distressing with my palm sander and the vibration was more than the little shutter could handle and the whole thing fell apart.

On to Plan B....a little wood glue, clamp, and blue tape and the frame is back together.  Okay, so I could have turned this into a chalkboard, cork board, or mirror frame but being the detail oriented person that I am, I wouldn't want all those exposed holes without them looking intentional.  So I just drilled the holes all the way through the frame on both sides and used the holes to weave twine to create a photo frame.

I used the frame to display my handmade cards but I think it would look great with black and white or sepia photos or concert ticket stubs.

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